Manage Your Account

Payment Portal

For your convenience, Behl Orthodontics offers online account management through OrthoFi.  Through our online system you will be able to make payments and changes to the information on your account. Please click the icon below to login. If you need further help, please call or text our office at (757) 224-3004 and we would be happy to assist you.

For assistance with your OrthoFi account, please call (877) 766-5220 or email

Appointment Reminders

Life can get pretty hectic! To help you and/or your child stay on track with appointments, we have a reminder system to alert you about upcoming appointments! You can customize how you receive these reminders either through email, text messaging or voicemail. After you log in to your account profile, you can confirm appointments, change appointment reminder methods or remove reminder alerts.

Financial Reminders

Our financial reminders work much the same way as appointment reminders. You can customize how you receive these reminders through email or voicemail. When you log in to your profile, you can view and print financial documents without having to call or text our office.

Online Payments

With the online patient portal, you can review and pay your bills directly through our website. 

View Patient Images

As an orthodontic patient, you’ll be taking several digital photos at our office. You can access and review all of your dental images and X-Rays via the online portal accessible above. 

Share Your Smile

Show off your beautiful smile to family and friends so they can see how easy it is to straighten their smiles!

Thank you for choosing us as your orthodontic provider.

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