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braces technologySureSmile® technology is taking orthodontics to the next level. The treatment process begins with the creation of a 3D computer image of your teeth which our orthodontists will use to plan individual tooth movements to achieve the desired outcome.

SureSmile® robots then fabricate the archwires to use with your braces, which provides more accurate and efficient treatment. Because of its precision, SureSmile® has been shown to reduce treatment time by as much as 29%!

Benefits of SureSmile® Technology:

  • High Quality Results – With robotic precision, your teeth will move directly to the positions dictated by our orthodontists.
  • Less Overall Discomfort – With SureSmile®, you’ll need less wire adjustments, which means less soreness and discomfort.
  • Fewer Overall Visits – Because of its efficiency and accuracy, you’ll enjoy fewer office visits for adjustments and less time in braces!

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We may have several orthodontic offices throughout Hampton Roads but we still retain that special hometown practice feel. We have a long-standing history here and are heavily invested in the communities we serve.

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