Everything You Need to Know About TADs

What are TADs?

TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) are widely used during orthodontic treatment to treat more complicated malocclusions. TADs are titanium-alloy mini screws temporarily fixed to the bone to enhance orthodontic anchorage.

How are TADs placed?

The placement of the TADs is minimally invasive and causes little to no discomfort. Using a strong anesthetic, the gums and surrounding areas where the TAD will be placed are numbed. The actual placement of the TAD is actually pretty quick. You may feel a little pressure but you will no longer feel your TAD after about a day.

How long will I need to wear TADs?

The length of time the TADs will be required depends on each patient’s individual case and condition. They may only be required for a few months or they may be required for the duration of treatment. Our orthodontist will discuss the treatment in detail with you if recommended.

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